In situ generated active substances

If biocidal active substances are generated from one or more precursors at the place of use, they are known as in situ generated active substances. The approval process for such substances involves the evaluation of the generated active substance and of the precursor(s) it is generated from, in the context of each product type.

For precursors and the in situ generated active substances which are not part of the Review Programme, and where the Biocidal product (BP) did not fall within the scope of Directive 98/8/EC, there are transitional provisions in place. The BP may be made available on the market or used, subject to national laws of the MSs, where an application for the relevant active substance/product type combination has been made by 1 September 2016. If such an application was not made by that date, the BP should be removed from the market by 1 September 2017 (phase out date)

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