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We are delighted to announce the opening of our new offices in Madrid, Spain, situated at Paseo de la Castellana. This development positions us to expand the services currently offered in the Southern European region. If you would like to discuss your regulatory needs, please send an email to or contact the team on +34 912 865667.

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CLP Regulation: Chemical products with old labels off the shelves by 1 June

Beginning 1 June 2017, all chemical products placed on the market will have to be labelled in accordance with the Classification, Labelling and Packing (CLP) Regulation. The CLP Regulation entered into force in January 2009, and with the transition period now ending, it is the only legislation that applies in the classification and labelling of both substances and mixtures. The 1 June deadline means that the hazard pictogram in the shape of an orange square can no longer be used,…

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Biocides Symposium 2017 – Barcelona, Spain

Dr Irene McGrath and Alejandra Querol attended the Biocides Symposium 2017 last 9th and 10th of May 2017 in the Novotel Barcelona city, Spain. This event was organised by Chemical Watch focusing on Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 (the BPR) and analysed in depth the product authorisation and active substance processes foreseen within the Regulation. The symposium featured presentations from the European Commission, the European Chemicals Agency and many EU Member States. With regard to the Review Programme progress, 33% of…

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Chemical Watch and Chemical Risk Manager Expo 2017 – Berlin

Catherine Alhaddad recently attended the Chemical Watch and Chemical Risk Manager EXPO 2017 which was held in Berlin on the 25th and 26th of April 2017. This was Chemical Watch and Chemical Risk Manager’s first Expo and focused on REACH in the run up to the 2018 deadline. As the REACH 2018 deadline is for the lowest tonnage bands, the substances involved are quite “data light” meaning that there is not a lot of data available to fulfil the data…

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Review Programme – Biocidal active substances – Update

The list of biocidal active substances to be evaluated by Member States has been updated. Substances no longer supported in the Review Programme must be phased out by 4 November 2017. The updated Annex II to the Review Programme Regulation includes a list of the active substances that companies have requested to get approved for a specific product-type. What this means to you If a substance is on the list for your product-type, your product can stay on the EU…

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