Kerona Scientific are attending the BCPC 2017

This year’s BCPC Congress in Brighton on 31 October – 1 November marks the 50th anniversary of BCPC’s support for science in UK crop production.   The EU Regulatory system has progressively constrained the crop protection and production technology tools available to UK farmers, but with Brexit negotiations now underway, the question has been posed as to whether the situation will be any different post-Brexit. Delegates will want to know whether future agricultural, environmental and associated regulation policy will drive…

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Workshop on Plant Protection Products – Biopesticides

Jim Shine of Kerona Scientific attended the “Workshop on Plant Protection Products – Biopesticides”, held at the CTGB in Ede, Netherlands, on 12th October 2017.   Biopesticides are plant protection products containing micro-organisms, botanicals or semiochemicals/pheromones as an active ingredient. Although they are not a specified category in EU law, biopesticides have different data requirements. To this end, the CTGB recently produced the first version of a Biopesticides Evaluation Manual, which describes the data requirements and risk assessment for this group…

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Technical Meeting with Stakeholders on EFSA Guidance on Dermal Absorption

Catherine Alhaddad recently attended the EFSA “Info session on applications – pesticides – technical meeting with stakeholders on EFSA Guidance on dermal absorption”, which was held in Parma, Italy, on the 27th and 28th of September 2017. The EFSA Panel on Plant Protection Products (PPPs) and their Residues (PPR) issued the Scientific Opinion on Guidance on Dermal Absorption in 2012 to assist notifiers, users of test facilities and member state (MS) authorities on the setting of dermal absorption values to…

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Chemical Industry Regulations (CIR), Nice 2017

Kerona Scientific was delighted to recently attend the CIR (Chemical Industry Regulations) conference in Nice, France.  Separate strands of the conference covered REACH, biopesticides and biocidal products, while the AgChem Forum addressed both the regulatory and environmental-science aspects of agrochemical products. The conference was well attended by representatives from EFSA, ECHA and the various regulatory bodies. In the AgChem Forum, there were some very interesting updates on the EFSA guidance documents for aquatic ecotoxicology, birds and mammals, and amphibians and…

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