Pesticide residues in honey: new guidelines now apply

Applications for plant protection products (PPPs) and active substances must use new technical guidelines for determining the magnitude of pesticide residues in honey. Honeybees may be exposed to PPPs either directly or indirectly when collecting nectar and pollen, and so honey can potentially contain PPP residues. For consumer protection, there should therefore be safe Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for honey, as there are for edible crops and for other products of animal origin. In the past, the MRLs for honey…

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Making a ‘hand sanitiser’ available on the Irish market

At present we are receiving many enquiries from companies asking the steps required in making a ‘hand sanitiser’ available on the Irish market. Sanitising products, such as hand sanitisers, come under the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) and the exact steps to be followed will vary depending on the Active Substance (AS) contained in the product. The two most common active substances used in hand sanitisers are ethanol and isopropyl alcohol (IPA, propan-2-ol), and under normal circumstances these substances are regulated very…

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