Fertilisers/Plant Biostimulants

Fertilisers are materials whose main function is to provide nutrients for plants in the form of primary nutrients (N, P, K), secondary nutrients (Ca, Mg, Na, S) or micro-nutrients (the elements B, Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn).

At present, the regulation of fertilisers in the EU is partly harmonized by Regulation (EC) No. 2003/2003 (the Fertilisers Regulation) and subsequent amending Regulations, which introduced technical and labelling requirements for ‘EC fertilisers’, i.e. those inorganic (mineral) fertilisers which comply with the fertiliser type designations specified in the Regulation.

These EC fertilisers must meet legal requirements regarding minimum nutritional content, safety and absence of adverse effects on the environment, and as such are allowed to freely circulate within the internal market. The Regulation, however, does not prevent Member States from additionally allowing the placing on the market of “national” fertilisers, i.e. products which are not designated as “EC fertilisers”, but are produced according to national provisions.

On 16 July 2022, the new Fertilising Products Regulation, Regulation (EU) No. 2019/1109, will replace the existing Fertilisers Regulation, extending its scope to other fertilising and related materials such as plant biostimulants and agronomic additives. Plant biostimulants act on plant processes, improving nutrition and plant vigour; with the new fertiliser law, they will no longer be within the scope of the Plant Protection Products Regulation (No. 1107/2009). Agronomic fertiliser additives act on fertilisers and fertilising materials to enhance their uptake by the plant, thereby enhancing their efficacy for plant nutrition and reducing losses to the environment. Under the new Regulation, the scope will be widened to include both organic and inorganic fertilisers.

Categories under the new Regulation include:

  • Organic fertiliser
  • Organo-mineral fertiliser
  • Inorganic fertiliser
  • Soil improver
  • Inhibitor (agronomic additive)
  • Plant biostimulant
  • Fertilising product blend

We assist our clients in meeting the requirements of the Fertilisers Regulation for their products, in terms of classification, labelling and supply, approval under national rules and mutual recognition. We manage projects for approval of fertilisers, plant biostimulants and agronomic additives at European and Member State level. We are also assisting companies in preparing to comply with the new Fertilising Products Regulation, and in assessing the impact on their business.

If you have any queries relating to fertilisers and plant biostimulants and our services, please send an email to info@kerona.ie or contact the team on +353 1 849 5284.

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