Catherine Alhaddad recently attended the Operator, Resident/Bystander, Worker Exposure Workshop which was held by the CRD in York on the 26th of June 2018, as a refresher on the topic and to stay current with any updates or imminently expected changes.

The workshop mainly focused on the EFSA guidance on the assessment of exposure of operators, workers, residents and bystanders in risk assessment for plant protection products and the use of the accompanying calculator for the assessment of operator exposure (in the case of outdoor professional uses only), worker exposure and bystander/resident exposure as applicable. The workshop included practical sessions for each of these, with an emphasis on UK-specific considerations, and an outline of refinement options and higher-tier data assessment. It also included information on the available models and calculations that may be used in circumstances that are not already covered by the EFSA guidance, such as the indoor uses for the operator, pre-planting and post-harvest treatments, hand-held CDA and home garden products.

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