All suppliers of the preservative MIT (methylisothiazolone) and products containing it should be aware that its harmonized classification has been added to the CLP Regulation (Regulation No. 1272/2008).

Last year, the European Commission published its 13th Adaptation to Technical Progress (ATP), which included numerous changes to Annex VI. MIT is classified as a Skin Sensitiser, category 1A, with a specific concentration limit of 15 ppm. This limit is much lower than the 0.1% concentration limit for general category 1A skin sensitisers. It means that many products containing MIT could now be classified as sensitisers.

Any product containing MIT will need to be reclassified, and new labels and SDSs may be necessary. The deadline for these changes is 1st May 2020, although the CLP Regulation states that labels should be updated “without undue delay” where the new hazard is more severe.

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