Are you a UK-based company holding biocidal product authorisation and REACH registrations in the EU-27 Member States, EEA countries or Switzerland? In order to maintain the validity of your biocidal product authorisations in the EU, all the authorisations should be transferred as a matter of priority to a legal entity established in EU 27 Member States, EEA countries or Switzerland by using the relevant case types in R4BP 3 (NA-TRS, SA-TRS or UA-TRS). Please note that the transfers have to…

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A ‘no-deal’ Brexit: what happens to chemicals regulation in the UK?

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs have issued a series of technical notices concerning the regulation of chemicals in the event of the UK leaving the European Union with no agreement in place. Although a no-deal outcome in March 2019 is described as “unlikely”, the guidance has been produced as part of the government’s efforts to prepare for all eventualities, so that businesses and citizens can make informed plans and preparations.…

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